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Jul-22 Lab & Life "Lab retreats for stepping away and moving closer"
Jul-22 Allen Institute "DNA Typewriter keeps a record of cell's long histories"
Jul-22 HHMI News "DNA Typewriter Taps Out a Record Inside Cells"
May-21 Nature Methods "Tick-tock, it's RNA o'clock"
Feb-21 Nature Portfolio "Genomic Sequencing"
Feb-21 Nature "Milestones in Genomic Sequencing"
Jan-21 Nature "A molecular handbook for human development"
Nov-20 GeekWire "New human cell atlases track how tissues develop, providing a road map for research"
Sep-20 Allen Institute - Lab Notes podcast "Lab Notes - SCANning for coronavirus"
Aug-20 Genome Web "New Methods Boost Scale of Single-Cell Gene Expression Dynamics Studies"
Apr-20 MIT Technology Review "The US already has the technology to test millions of people a day"
Mar-20 Seattle Business "Dr. Jay Shendure: The 2020 Leaders in Health Care Gold Award Winner for Achievement in Medical Research"
Dec-19 Wall Street Journal "A Genetic Test Led Seven Women in One Family to Have Major Surgery. Then the Odds Changed."
Dec-19 UW Medicine | Newsroom "Technique shows how individual cancer cells react to drugs"
Dec-19 Genome Web "High-Throughput Single-Cell Transcriptomics Assay Facilitates Compound Screens"
Oct-19 Allen Institute "A computational challenge to help developmental biology"
May-19 Seattle Times "Jay Shendure's cool job using genome science to assess the risk of disease"
Feb-19 Allen Institute "2 million-cell experiment traces how a mammal grows, cell by single cell"
Feb-19 GeekWire "University of Washington researchers create massive genetic map of organ development"
Feb-19 Nature "Podcast: Mouse cell atlases, and cataloguing viruses"
Jan-19 National Academy of Sciences "Jay Shendure, University of Washington, to receive the 2019 Richard Lounsbery Award."
Sep-18 Associated Press "Lab test may identify dangerous gene mutations, study finds"
Sep-18 Nature "Gene editing reveals the effect of thousands of variants in a key cancer gene"
Sep-18 UW Huddle "BRCA1 study will help reduce uncertainty in genetic testing"
Sep-18 Komo News "UW research may help scientists understand why some people are at higher risk for disease"
Sep-18 GenomeWeb "Saturation Editing of BRCA1 Exons Reveals Functional, Non-Functional Variants"
Sep-18 NBC News "What's your breast cancer risk? This study aims to tell you precisely"
Sep-18 The Conversation "Gene-editing technique CRISPR identifies dangerous breast cancer mutations"
Sep-18 Nature "Huge genetic-screening effort helps pinpoint roots of breast cancer"
Sep-18 The Atlantic "With CRISPR, Scientists Engineered Nearly 4,000 Mutations of a Breast-Cancer Gene"
Sep-18 STAT News "Study cracks open the secrets of the cancer-causing BRCA1 gene"
Aug-18 UW Medicine Newsroom "Genome regulation of cell type cataloged in mouse at single-cell level"
Aug-18 Genome Biology "Investigating enhancer evolution with massively parallel reporter assays"
Aug-18 HHMI News "Cell Atlas Reveals Landscape of Open Chromatin in 100,000 Cells"
Mar-18 EMBL "Chromatin usage in individual cells reveals developmental trajectories"
Jan-18 Nature Methods "Sophisticated barcoding approaches are transforming cell lineaging"
Dec-17 GeekWire "UW, Seattle Children's and Fred Hutch launch $50M Institute for Precision Medicine, using genetics to revolutionize health"
Dec-17 The Seattle Times "Costco co-founder and boyhood friend give $50 million for precision medicine at UW"
Dec-17 PR Newswire "Brotman Baty Institute for Precision Medicine Launches in Seattle"
Sep-17 Mendelspod "Exploring the Exome and the Future of Genomics with Jay Shendure"
Sep-17 Scientific American "One Test May Spot Cancer, Infections, Diabetes and More"
Aug-17 New York Times "A Speedier Way to Catalog Human Cells (All 37 Trillion of Them)"
Jul-17 Cell "Principles of Systems Biology, No. 19"
Jul-17 GeekWire "Biomedical labs at UW and in Boston win $10M grants from Allen Frontiers Group"
Jul-17 American Society of Human Genetics Charles Epstein Trainee Research Awards (Molly Gasperini)
Jul-17 Nature News "The trickiest family tree in biology"
Jul-17 Allen Institute "The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group Announces Allen Discovery Center at UW Medicine"
Mar-17 The Atlantic "The Game-Changing Technique That Cracked the Zika-Mosquito Genome"
Mar-17 The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group "Cracking the code of developmental biology"
Feb-17 Nature Methods News & Views on Ramani et al. (2017)
Feb-17 Nature News "Secrets of life in a spoonful of blood"
Feb-17 NIH/NHGRI "NIH to expand critical catalog for genomics research"
Feb-17 UW News "NIH funds genome scientist in next stage of national study"
Jan-17 GenomeWeb "Researchers Describe Methods for Sequencing Large Numbers of Single Cells"
Dec-16 The New England Journal of Medicine "Tracking the Fate of Cells in Health and Disease"
Nov-16 Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight on Inoue et al. (2016)
Oct-16 Clinical Chemistry "Nucleosome Spacing-The Baggage Tag for Cell-Free DNA"
Oct-16 UW News "DNA repeat stretches tied to cancer progression and survival"
Sep-16 GenomeWeb "CRISPR/Cas9 Deployed as Cellular Historian"
Aug-16 UW Medicine "Precision Medicine: Finding the Best Treatment for You"
Jul-16 Nature Biotechnology News & Views on McKenna et al. (2016)
Jul-16 Nature Methods Research Highlight on McKenna et al. (2016)
Jul-16 ScienceDaily "Size matters: Advance could increase sensitivity of liquid biopsies"
Jul-16 GenomeWeb "Circulating Tumor DNA Shorter Than Circulating Normal DNA, Study Finds"
Jun-16 BioTechniques "Tracing Cell Lineages with CRISPR/Cas"
Jun-16 HHMI News "New Technique Helps Researchers Determine Developmental Origins of Cells"
Jun-16 Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight on McKenna et al. (2016)
May-16 The Atlantic "Using CRISPR to Learn How a Body Builds Itself"
May-16 BBC World Service "Gene Barcoding"
May-16 BBC News "DNA 'tape recorder' to trace cell history"
May-16 Science "Genome editor CRISPR helps trace growth of embryos—and maybe cancer next"
May-16 Office of the Mayor, City of Seattle "Mayor Murray announces agreement with Shenzhen to advance biomedical research"
Apr-16 Science Translational Medicine Editor's Choice on Kumar et al. (2016)
Mar-16 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center "Prostate cancer study provides impetus for precision medicine"
Feb-16 NIH Director's Blog "A New Tool in the Toolbox: New Method Traces Free-Floating DNA Back to Its Source"
Jan-16 New York Times "Searching for Cancer Maps in Free-Floating DNA"
Jan-16 Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight on Snyder, Kircher et al. (2016)
Jan-16 Cell Cell PaperClip (audio) re: Snyder, Kircher et al. (2016)
Jan-16 GenomeWeb "UW Study Demonstrates Tracking of Cell-Free DNA to Origin in Body"
Jan-16 UW News "New blood test may expand scope of liquid biopsies"
Oct-15 The Atlantic "Taking the Uncertainty Out of Genetic Screening for Cancer Risk"
Oct-15 UW News "Researchers win $12-million to study the human genome in 4-D"
Sep-15 Nature Biotechnology News & Views on Ramani et al. (2015)
Sep-15 Nature Methods Research Highlight on Ramani et al. (2015)
Aug-15 Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight on Roach et al. (2015)
Aug-15 Genome Biology Research Highlight on Cusanovich et al. (2015)
Jun-15 Cell "One Cell at a Time"
Jun-15 Nature Methods Research Highlight on Cusanovich et al. (2015)
Jun-15 Biotechniques "Scientists Develop a Method to Define Chromatin States in Tens of Thousands of Cells"
May-15 Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute "HHMI Selects 26 of the Nation's Top Biomedical Scientists"
Apr-15 Seattle Times "UW experts shed light on false positives in prenatal tests"
Apr-15 NECIR "New prenatal tests very good, but not perfect: researchers warn of false positives"
Apr-15 UW News "Some false postive prenatal genetic screens due to mother's extra DNA segments"
Apr-15 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center "False positives in prenatal tests: Study reveals reason for flaws"
Apr-15 Medscape "Maternal Duplication Mimics Fetal Trisomy in DNA Screen"
Mar-15 NIH News "NIH forms team of experts to chart course for the President's Precision Medicine Initiative research network"
Jan-15 Chemistry World "Protein mutant libraries to probe diseases' genetic link quickly and cheaply"
Jan-15 GenomeWeb "Researchers Describe New Approach for Single Amino Acid Mutagenesis"t
Dec-14 Nature Reviews Microbiology News & Views on Salipante et al. (2014)
Nov-14 Nature Methods Research Highlight on Adey et al. (2014)
Oct-14 In Sequence "Studies Show Haplotyping, Assembly Applications for Contiguity-Preserving Transposition Sequencing"
Sep-14 Nature Methods Research Highlight on Findlay et al. (2014)
Sep-14 Nature Podcast Podcast on Findlay et al. (2014)
Sep-14 Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight on Findlay et al. (2014)
Aug-14 NIH News "NIH awards $14.5 million to research groups studying newest DNA sequencing techniques"
Jul-14 Cell "Guiding Philsophies for Running a Lab"
Jul-14 Future Opportunities for Genome Sequencing and Beyond: A Planning Workshop for the NHGRI Measuring the Functional Consequences of Large Numbers of Human Genetic Variants
Jul-14 HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology "Pioneer in Next Generation Sequencing Receives 2014 HudsonAlpha Life Sciences Prize"
Jul-14 Cell Cell 40th Anniversary 40-under-40
Jun-14 Bio-IT World "New Method Aims to Sequence the Genomes of the Most Elusive Microbes"
Jun-14 UW News "Nanopore technique rapidly decodes long DNA strands"
Apr-14 The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Allen Distinguished Investigators Lineage Barcode Focus 2014
Apr-14 Simons Foundation "Statistical model rates billions of human mutations"
Mar-14 Medscape "What's Next in Prenatal Genetic Testing?"
Mar-14 Reuters "The dawning of the age of genomic medicine, finally"
Mar-14 Nature Methods Research Highlight on Kircher et al. (2014)
Feb-14 NIH Director's Blog "Creative Minds: Interpreting Your Genome"
Feb-14 Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight on Kircher et al. (2014)
Jan-14 Edmonds Community College Panel Discussion of "the Life and Cells of Henrietta Lacks: Science, Society and Individual Perspectives"
Jan-14 Discover Magazine "100 Top Stories of 2013"
Dec-13 Nature Methods Research Highlight on Burton et al. (2013)
Dec-13 Genome Technology "Increasing What Sequencing Can Do" (Jacob Kitzman)
Dec-13 Technology Review "Too Much Information"
Dec-13 Nature Biotechnology News & Views on Burton et al. (2013)
Dec-13 Columns Magazine "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"
Nov-13 India West "NIH Announces 2013 High-Risk, High-Reward Research Awards"
Nov-13 In Sequence "Researchers Develop De Novo Short Read Assembly Method Hinging on Hi-C Datasets"
Nov-13 UW News "Cost-effective method accurately orders DNA sequencing along entire chromosomes"
Oct-13 The Daily (UW) "NIH honors UW professors for biotechnology research"
Oct-13 Science "Exome Sequencing: Toward an Interpretable Genome"
Oct-13 Federa (Dutch) "FederaPrijs to developer of groundbreaking DNA analysis"
Sep-13 UW News "3 UW professors honored by NIH for innovative biomedical research"
Sep-13 NIH News "NIH Announces 2013 High-Risk, High-Reward Research Awards"
Sep-13 Nature "Next-generation sequencing: The genome jigsaw"
Aug-13 New York Times "A Family Consents to a Medical Gift, 62 Years Later" (Original Article)
Aug-13 ScienceNews "HeLa genome offers clues to cells' cancerous nature"
Aug-13 Nature News "Deal done over HeLa cell line"
Aug-13 KUOW Weekday "What Caused Henrietta Lacks' Aggressive Cancer? "
Aug-13 Nature "Biospecimen policy: Family matters"
Aug-13 UW Today "UW researchers report on genome of aggressive cervical cancer that killed Henrietta Lacks"
Aug-13 Bio-IT World "The Henrietta Compromise: NIH Announces HeLa Data Use Agreement"
Aug-13 Science "Famous HeLa Cells Get Genetic Close-Up, and New Data-Sharing Rules"
Aug-13 GenomeWeb "With New Policy in Place, HeLa Genome Papers Published, Data Placed in Controlled Database"
Aug-13 Quest Magazine "HeLa controversy highlights need to balance privacy with data-sharing"
Jul-13 Biotechniques "Three Hacks to Get More Data from Your Illumina Sequencer"
Jul-13 Department of Defense "On the Path to Understanding, Identifying, and Eliminating Advanced Prostate Cancer: A Global Approach to Finding Key Mutations"
May-13 DOE Joint Genome Institute The DOE Joint Genome Institute Expands Capabilities via New Partnerships
Apr-13 Technology Review 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2013: Prenatal DNA Sequencing
Mar-13 BioTechniques AGBT13 Round-Up Podcast
Feb-13 Nature News "Gene Sequencing Leaves the Laboratory"
Feb-13 In Sequence "UW Team Develops Single-Molecule Tagging Method to Reduce Sequencing Errors, Detect Very Rare Variants"
Feb-13 UW Medicine Dean Ramsey's Annual Address to UW Medicine
Jan-13 Discover Magazine 100 Top Stories of 2012
Jan-13 Bio-IT World "Genomics 2012: Narcissomes, Neonates and ENCODE"
Jan-13 Nature Methods Research Highlight on Schwartz et al. (2012)
Jan-13 Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight on O'Roak et al. (2012)
Dec-12 CNN "Danger meets discovery: Top 10 science stories of 2012"
Dec-12 USA Today "Top 10: Science studies cited in 2012"
Dec-12 Popular Mechanics "110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years"
Dec-12 Nature Medicine Notable Advances 2012
Dec-12 In Sequence "UW Team Improves MIP-Based Method to Sequence Gene Panels in Large Sample Sets"
Dec-12 National Public Radio "Genome Sequencing For Babies Brings Knowledge And Conflicts"
Nov-12 American Society of Human Genetics Charles Epstein Trainee Research Awards (Brian O'Roak and Matthew Snyder)
Nov-12 Scientific American "World Changing Ideas 2012"
Nov-12 Biotechniques "New Autism Genes Identified, Pathway Confirmed"
Nov-12 Nature "Genetics: Searching for answers"
Nov-12 GenomeWeb "Biogen Idec and Partners to Offer Free Genetic Testing to Hemophilia Patients to Advance Insights"
Oct-12 Illumina iCommunity "Sequencing the DNA that encodes those tiny fingers and toes" (Jacob Kitzman)
Sep-12 National Public Radio "As Genetic Sequencing Spreads, Excitement, Worries Grow"
Sep-12 Genome Technology "Lab Management 101" (Charlie Lee)
Aug-12 HHMI News "Viral Genome Springs into Action to Fight the Immune System"
Jul-12 American Society of Human Genetics "ASHG Honors Dr. Jay Shendure with Curt Stern Award for 2012"
Jul-12 Nature "Prenatal diagnostics: Fetal genes in mother's blood"
Jul-12 CureTalk "CureTalk Interview With Shendure and Kitzman On Fetal Genome Sequencing"
Jun-12 Science Friday "Unraveling the Genome Sequence of the Unborn"
Jun-12 ACLU / PPF Brief Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics
Jun-12 Nature News "Fetal tests spur legal battle"
Jun-12 The Scientist "Fetal Genome in Mom's Blood"
Jun-12 Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight on O'Roak et al. (2012)
Jun-12 Nature Biotechnology News & Views on Patwardhan et al. (2012)
Jun-12 ABC "Baby Genome Mapped in Womb"
Jun-12 BBC News "Genome of 18-week-old foetus deciphered"
Jun-12 Bloomberg "Blood-Saliva Analysis May Replace Invasive Prenatal Test"
Jun-12 CBS "Fetal genetic code mapped: What it means for you"
Jun-12 CNN "New test for gauging a baby's DNA code"
Jun-12 Der Spiegel "Forscher entziffern Embryo-Genom aus Blut und Speichel der Eltern"
Jun-12 FOX News "Scientists map genome of fetus with non-invasive test"
Jun-12 GenomeWeb "Researchers Sequence Fetal Genome from Cell-Free, Circulating DNA"
Jun-12 Globe & Mail "Researchers find better way to reveal the fetal genome"
Jun-12 KUOW 94.9 (The Conversation) "UW Prenatal Test Could Replace Amniotic Fluid Testing"
Jun-12 Los Angeles Times "Entire DNA of fetus revealed through risk-free testing"
Jun-12 MSN Health "Entire Genome of Human Fetus Deciphered"
Jun-12 "New testing could help spot genetic disorders in a fetus"
Jun-12 Nature News "Fetal genome deduced from parental DNA"
Jun-12 NBC Nightly News "Testing saliva for genetic makeup"
Jun-12 New York Times "DNA Blueprint for Fetus Built Using Tests of Parents"
Jun-12 NPR "Are Fetal DNA Tests A Key To Pandora's Box?"
Jun-12 Popular Science "Scientists Decipher Almost the Entire Genome of an Unborn Baby"
Jun-12 ScienceNOW "Sequencing the Unborn"
Jun-12 Scientific American "Fetal Genome Deduced from Parental DNA"
Jun-12 Seattle Times "Will fetal DNA scans allow parents to tailor their offspring? "
Jun-12 Singularity Hub "Non-invasive Prenatal Screen Draws Closer As Scientists Analyze Blood From Mother"
Jun-12 Slate "The Unanswered Questions of Prenatal Genetic Testing"
Jun-12 Technology Review "Using Parents' Blood to Decode the Genome of a Fetus"
Jun-12 The New Scientist "Whole fetal genome sequenced before birth"
Jun-12 The Telegraph (Calcutta) "Indian-led team finds way to draw DNA map of foetus using parents samples"
Jun-12 Time Magazine "Scientists Decode an Unborn Babys DNA. Is It Cause for Celebration — or Alarm?"
Jun-12 UW News "Baby's genome deciphered prenatally from parents' lab tests"
Jun-12 WebMD "Blood Test May Spot Genetic Disease in Fetuses"
May-12 HHMI Bulletin "Exome Sequencing: Opening the Flood Gates"
Apr-12 NIH News "NHGRI to develop revolutionary technologies for exploring genome function"
Apr-12 Nature Methods Research Highlight on Patwardhan, Hiatt et al. (2012)
Apr-12 New York Times "Scientists Link Gene Mutation to Autism Risk"
Apr-12 In Sequence "UW Team Adapts Transposase Library Prep for Ultra-Low-Input Whole-Genome Bisulfite Sequencing"
Apr-12 UW Today "Autism mutations, scattered across genes, merge into network of interactions"
Apr-12 Fresno State News Sequence "Fresno State alumnus part of groundbreaking autism research" (Brian O'Roak)
Apr-12 HHMI Research News "Autism Gene Screen Highlights Protein Network"
Apr-12 GenomeWeb "Trio of Exome-Sequencing Studies ID Autism-related De Novo Mutations"
Apr-12 Biotechniques "More from Less"
Mar-12 In Sequence "New Optical Sequencing Method Promises Positional Information for Short Reads on Illumina Platform"
Feb-12 Popular Science "The $1,000 Genome, and the New Problem of Having Too Much Information"
Feb-12 Genome Technology "The Great Debate Rages On"
Jan-12 The Daily (UW) "New Genome Center Receives $30 Million In Grants"
Jan-12 The Daily (UW) "Young Wonders: Five prominent scientists under 30 connected to UW" (Sarah Ng)
Dec-11 NIH (NIMS) NIMH's Top 10 Research Advances of 2011
Dec-11 Autism Speaks Top 10 Science Autism Research Achievements of 2011
Dec-11 Forbes Forbes 30 under 30: Science & Innovation (Sarah Ng)
Dec-11 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News "Exome Sequencing Finds Sweet Spot Between Whole-Genome and Targeted Sequencing"
Dec-11 NIH News "Funds dedicated to personalized genetics"
Dec-11 Nature News "NHGRI broadens sequencing program focus on inherited diseases, medical applications"
Dec-11 UW Today "UW funded to realize medical applications of genome sequencing"
Sep-11 Daily Mail "'Hyper-mutated' prostate cancers can evolve super-fast and become resistant to treatment"
Sep-11 US News & World Report "U.S. Scientists Map Genome of Advanced Prostate Cancer"
Sep-11 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News "Gene mutations associated with lethal prostate cancers found through exome sequencing"
Sep-11 GenomeWeb "Research Team Finds New Mutations in Advanced Prostate Cancer Exomes"
Sep-11 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center  "Seattle researchers map genome of advanced, lethal prostate cancers and discover 'hypermutations'"
Aug-11 UW Today "UW joins national push to sequence human genome on the cheap"
Aug-11 NIH News "NHGRI funds development of revolutionary DNA sequencing technologies"
Jul-11 Mendeley Research Networks "The Top 10 papers in Biological Sciences by Mendeley readership"
May-11 Nature Methods "Microarrays, megasynthesis"
May-11 GenomeWeb "UW Team Demonstrates Primate Exome Assembly Against Human Reference Genome"
May-11 UW Today "Sporadic mutations identified in children with autism spectrum disorders"
May-11 The SunBreak "Gene Sequencing Starts to Illuminate Autism's Spectrum"
May-11 GenomeWeb "Researchers Find De Novo Autism Mutations Using Exome Sequencing"
May-11 Clincial Sequencing News "Trio-Based Exome Sequencing Reveals De Novo Causative Mutations in Autism"
Mar-11 Genome Technology "Exome En Vouge"
Jan-11 Nature Biotechnology "Next generation sequence analysis"
Jan-11 Nature Biotechnology News & Views on Kitzman et al. (2011)
Jan-11 Nature Methods Research Highlight on Kitzman et al. (2011)
Jan-11 Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight on Kitzman et al. (2011)
Jan-11 Loskatta, Mumbai Choufer, Pudhari, India Abroad, Patrika, Times of India, Sakal Assorted print articles from India on Kitzman et al. (2011)
Jan-11 Indian Express "Scientist who mapped first Indian genome remembers Pune connection"
Dec-10 Nature News "DNA sequencing for the masses"
Dec-10 Science "Breakthrough of the Year: The Runners-Up: Homing In on Errant Genes"
Dec-10 Times of India "Gujarati woman becomes first Indian to have genes mapped"
Dec-10 Technology Review "Sequencing a Single Chromosome"
Dec-10 In Sequence "Transposase Library Prep Method Promises Easy Automation, Less DNA Input"
Dec-10 In Sequence "Two New Methods Tackle Whole-Genome Haplotyping, a Key Step in Bringing Sequencing to the Clinic"
Dec-10 GenomeWeb "University of Washington, Stanford Teams Report on Direct Haplotyping Methods"
Nov-10 Science "Affordable 'Exomes' Fill Gaps in a Catalog of Rare Diseases"
Aug-10 NIH News "Discovered gene causes Kabuki syndrome"
Aug-10 GenomeWeb "Exome Sequencing Study Yields Kabuki Syndrome Gene"
Aug-10 UW News "Genetic alterations common to Kabuki syndrome discovered through streamlined DNA sequencing"
Jun-10 The Scientist "Budget Genome"
Jun-10 Biotechniques News "The genome 10 year later"
May-10 Nature News "Hunt for genetic causes of diseases narrows targets"
Apr-10 UW News "Genome scientist Dr. Jay Shendure receives Prostate Cancer Foundation Young Investigator Award"
Apr-10 Prostate Cancer Foundation "Prostate Cancer Foudnation Issues $4.5 Million in Grants to Support Innovation from Young Investigators"
Feb-10 Nature Methods News & Views on Hiatt et al. (2010)
Feb-10 Genome Technology "Shining the Light"
Jan-10 Science Watch Fast Moving Fronts : Jay Shendure on Parallel DNA Sequencing Platforms
Jan-10 Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight on Patwardhan et al. (2009)
Jan-10 Nature Methods Research Highlight on Patwardhan et al. (2009)
Jan-10 Nature Genetics News & Views on Ng et al. (2010)
Jan-10 Mass Genomics "Capture and Subassembly with Jay Shendure"
Jan-10 In Sequence "Shendure Team Finds Subassembly Technique Improves Accuracy of Short-Read Sequencing"
Nov-09 UW News "For the first time, scientists discover causative gene of a rare disorder by sequencing all protein-coding regions of the genome"
Nov-09 Nature News "Selective sequencing solves a genetic mystery"
Nov-09 GenomeWeb "U of Wash-Led Team Publishes Miller Syndrome Exome Sequencing Paper"
Oct-09 UW News "UW to explore genetic origins of common heart, lung, and blood diseases in federal project"
Oct-09 GenomeWeb "Exome Sequencing IDs Mendelian Disease Culprit"
Sep-09 Technology Review "A Turning Point for Personal Genomes"
Sep-09 UW TV "Harnessing the Power of Next-Generation DNA Sequencing"
Sep-09 Nature News "Genomics shifts focus to rare diseases"
Sep-09 In Sequence "Exome Project Paper Shows Exon Sequencing's Potential for Rare Disease Research"
Sep-09 Forbes "Cheap DNA Sequencing"
Sep-09 Britannica Blog Science Up Front: Jay Shendure and Sarah Ng on the Detection of Inherited Disease
Aug-09 NIH (NHLBI) "NIH-Funded Researchers Sequence Exomes of 12 People"
Aug-09 GenomeWeb "Researchers Sequence a Dozen Exomes in Proof-of-Principle Study"
Jun-09 GenomeWeb "Life After GWAS: For Some Researchers, Focus Shifts to Rare Variants, CNVs"
Apr-09 In Sequence "U of Wash Team Develops Automatable Exon-Capture and -Sequencing Method"
Jan-09 Genome Technology Tomorrow's PI's Profile
Nov-08 In Sequence "NIH Awards Three Teams $12M to Build Pipelines for Multiplexed Resequencing"
Feb-08 Genome Technology "Sequencers Take On Microarrays"
Oct-07 Nature Milestones "DNA Technologies: Milestone 18 - The next generation arrives"
Oct-07 In Sequence "Three Teams Develop Selection Techniques To 'Partition' Genomes for Sequencing"
Jun-07 GenomeWeb "Polony Sequencing Pioneer Jay Shendure Looks Back, Discusses New Methods to Capture Subsets of the Genome"
Oct-06 Technology Review TR35: The $1,000 genome
Aug-05 Science "Cut-Rate Genomes on the Horizon?"
Aug-05 New York Times "2 New Methods to Sequence DNA Promise Vastly Lower Costs"